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Tonight's TV highlights

Ear to the Ground

RTE 1, 7pm New series. Helen Carroll visits Irish rugby powerhouse Sean O'Brien (below) as he returns to work on his family's farm in Co Carlow.

Darragh McCullough discovers the world of competitive ploughing (where O'Brien is probably competing. . . minus the tractor), and Ella McSweeney meets Noel McCaul, a Wicklow dairy farmer who does not own any land.


My Transsexual Summer

Channel 4, 10pm New series. Seven transgender men and women get together to share a mutual understanding of what it is like to be a transsexual. In various stages of having their bits being attached and detached, they share experiences and provide an insight into the problems and prejudices they face in everyday life.


Now It's Personal

RTE 1, 10.15pm Irish opinion-makers put their beliefs to the test by immersing themselves in societies and cultures they have previously criticised.

Journalist Emer O'Kelly, who has strong opinions about Ireland's stay-at-home mothers, spends a week living as a non-working parent. That'll teach her! Part one of two.


James May's Man Lab

BBC2, 8pm James works in his own foundry to form a lemon squeezer from various kitchen utensils (why, James, why?), and shows how to cheat at playing the guitar. He launches the ashes of a cat and a budgie into the stratosphere and tells why a boiler suit is the only garment modern man needs (better than May's shirts, anyway).