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The Secret's out on Red Rock star Elva Trill's film role


Elva Trill and Mark McElwaine

Elva Trill and Mark McElwaine

Elva Trill and Mark McElwaine

It's been a busy week for up-and-coming Irish actress Elva Trill as not only is she set to make her debut in TV3's Red Rock, she's also been cast in Jim Sheridan's Secret Scripture.

Elva (24) plays Charlene Waters, who flirts with Garda Sean Holden when her car gets stolen in the soap.

"I'm so excited for my episodes to air," she told the Herald.


"It was great to work with Lisa Mulcahy who is a great director - she knew exactly what to say to get me to the right place when we were shooting the flirting scenes."

The Sligo native is currently shooting Secret Scripture and admits she has a small role in the film.

"It's more of a blink and you'll miss me sort of role," she said.

"I've met Rooney Mara, Theo James, Aidan Turner and Jack Reynor and they're all lovely people."