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The Real Housewives of South Dublin coming to our screens . . . along with Jobstown Shore

The real housewives of South Co Dublin have always been a misunderstood breed.

But now the ladies who lunch are set to get their own reality TV show and a chance to prove their lifestyle is not all about champagne and manicures.

TV3 confirmed at the launch of their new schedule yesterday that they are on the look out for women in their 30s and 40s to take part in a Real Housewives-style show, which will lift the lid of some of our most pampered citizens when it airs next year.

Producer of the show Stephen McCormack, who was behind Fade Street and Celebrity Salon, says he's particularly interested in stories of women whose husbands went bust after the boom.

"We haven't started filming yet but we looked at the American version and thought we could make it work here. We saw The Hills and made Fade Street, so why not this? But we haven't found our ladies just yet," he said.

"We will be taking a very Irish approach to this. First of all we are looking for great characters for people to engage with. Generally these series start off with their life looking perfect but it really isn't.

"We want to tell a true story, in the Irish context it's not about the women being rich and that's it. Maybe they were really rich and were living the high life in the boom and now they are living through the downside. Maybe their property husband's job is falling apart. I think we have to tell that story.

"Hopefully we will see the struggle behind living the life of a socialite. It won't be car crash TV like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills they're not going to be going into tennis clubs throwing drinks at each other."

In the meantime, reality TV fans can prepare to get excited about Tallafornia -- already dubbed Jobstown Shore. It will loosely resemble MTV shows Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore.

Seven aspiring socialites living under one roof let a camera crew into their lives 24 hours a day, showing what really goes on in the Dublin social scene.

Producer Dara Tallon said the new show will follow two personal trainers, a glamour model, two students and a shop fitter-turned-male stripper.

"It's going to be great fun, people will respond really well to the characters. They know how to have a good time," he said.