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'The best thing is that I get my daddy back ...'

TEEN SINGER Chloe Coyle was overwhelmed with emotion as she was crowned the champion of the All Ireland Talent Show last night.

The 13-year old from Castlederg, Co Tyrone, broke down in tears after winning the coveted prize of €50,000 and proudly exclaimed that: "Now I can get my daddy back."

The teen wowed the nation consistently throughout the competition, and she was proud to say that she could be reunited with her father.

Chloe's father Jude was forced to temporarily emigrate to Edinburgh to find work, but the singer has vowed to spend her winnings on bringing him home.

A beaming Chloe said: "The best thing about winning is definitely getting my daddy back. I'm a real daddy's girl and I missed him being away so much.

"The whole thing has been an amazing experience. I was so nervous, I can't believe I didn't cry during the song."

And the family-oriented teen also intends on taking her family on a holiday to Orlando, as well as using her winnings to help fund her attendance at a performing arts school.

"I cried when I found out that I was going to be in the final, I was so excited about the whole experience. My whole family are just really pleased for me -- they have just been brilliant. I am nervous but when I start to sing, I just get lost in the music," Chloe added.

Along with the hefty cash prize, Chloe will also have the opportunity to perform at Dublin's St Patrick's Day parade before also taking her post as guest judge at the festivities.

Her mentor, former Eurovision winner Dana Scallon said she spotted Chloe's star quality on the day of her first audition.

"I think her voice, her nature, her humility, she's just a star. That little girl is a star and I'm so proud of her wonderful family.

"I knew from the minute she sang for me that she had something special, she moved me to tears again tonight. A real little beautiful girl with a wonderful talent," she said after Chloe's emotional victory.

The unconventional Irish boyband Na Fianna provided stiff competition as they came in second place, and Irish dancer Emma O'Sullivan and box player John O'Halloran placed third.

Although Na Fianna failed to scoop up the coveted prize, they caught the attention of pop mogul Louis Walsh.

"Na Fianna caught my eye, they seem like a really talented bunch of lads. This is the start of big things for them.

"Everyone knows who all the finalists are. It's a big opportunity for them all," he said.