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Grainne Seoige's Modern Life

RTE2, 9.30pm Grainne Seoige (below) meets child models, actors, singers and step-dancers and their families to learn what drives them to commit so much time, money and effort into the possibility of finding a job in the entertain-ment industry. Grainne also visits the Freestyle Disco Dancing Champion-ship.

Last in the series.


Scealta Átha Cliath -- Matt Talbot

TG4, 10pm Timely profile of Matt Talbot, who was born into poverty on the North Strand and grew up to become a chronic alcoholic and petty criminal, before turning his life around, embracing Catholicism and donating money to help others quit drinking. See, there is hope for some of those bankers after all . . .


Counting on Christmas: Tonight

UTV, 7.30pm Immerse yourself in misery as families from around the world who were devastated by the year's economic turmoil discuss how they are dealing with the run-up to Christmas. Featuring the stories of a bankrupt Greek businessman who set fire to himself and middle-class Americans living in tents. Merry Christmas, everyone.


Living with the Amish

Channel 4, 9pm Not exactly Living with The Kardashians but a fascinating series nonetheless. This week, the teenagers stay with the Burkholder family, who run a melon farm and are members of a plain order called Horse and Buggy Mennonites. After work in the fields, the boys join the girls for some Saturday night fun and learn about the dating rituals of the community (that should be an eye-opener).