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Talent judges in stitches at Becks and Cowell send-up

Britain's Got Talent judges were left in hysterics by the Chippendoubles -- a dance act dressed up to resemble David Beckham, Gordon Ramsay, Daniel Craig and Simon Cowell.

The fourth show in the hit series kicks off in London, where the Chippendoubles explain they are "a unique dance act and we all love to entertain".

Wearing masks and capes, the seven men perform to disco music in front of judges Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. A Cowell lookalike is among the dancers -- dressed in union flag boxer shorts -- and the audience goes wild.

Meanwhile, university lecturer Hayashi (36) hopes he can cut it with his blindfolded Samurai sword act, involving chopping up cucumbers attached to a helper's body.

"Simon is always saying he would like to see more dangerous stunts. What I'm about to do today is the most dangerous thing he will ever see," says Hayashi.

"There is a very real chance of my helper being injured or killed."

Co-host Ant asks the helper: "You're cool with that?" to which the helper nods nervously.

The show rolls into Glasgow, where familiar face James (34) is hoping that this year will bring sweet success.

Last year James failed to impress when he tried to break the record for eating Ferrero Rochers in one minute.


"This year I'm back to prove to the judges and the audience that I'm not a failure and I intend to break the Guinness World Record for eating After Eights," he says.

"I've eaten between 20-30 boxes of After Eights," he adds.

"Simon said last year the act is not suitable for royalty. Today I will prove him wrong."

Great-grandmother Janey (80) is among those who hope to wow the judges with her vocal talents.

"I like singing, my friends say, 'Go in for it, better late than never'," she smiles.

Britain's Got Talent airs tonight on TV3 at 8pm