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Success story Love/Hate bags second season

A controversial crime drama which came under fire for glamourising Irish gangland activity is to return for a second season.

Love/Hate was a massive hit for RTE, boasting impressive audience figures and praise from critics.

This gritty drama revolves around Dublin's gangland scene starring Misfits star Robert Sheehan, The Wire's Aidan Gillen, Ruth Bradley, Ruth Negga and Brian Gleeson.

Limerick businessman Steve Collins, whose innocent son Roy was killed in a gangland shooting, blasted the drama as "an educational tool for vulnerable kids in areas out here.

"They're looking at the drugs, the money, the flash cars and the €3m penthouse, which is not reality.

"It'll be a recruitment thing. They'll use them, they'll become little foot soldiers for them, and it's sad."

The drama centres around Darren Treacy, played by Sheehan, who fled to Spain last year when a gun was found his house.

But he returns to Dublin to celebrate his brother's release from prison.

When one of the gang is killed, suspicion runs rife and thoughts turn to revenge. Darren runs into ex-girlfriend Rosie, played by Negga, and becomes involved in a love triangle.

Misfits star Sheehan said he loved the experience.

"It was great aul' craic," he said. "I was with such a lovely bunch of lads and ladies and it was really like doing a play in Dublin because you'd all finish work and go 'Do you want to go for a pint?' And in that way we quickly gelled as a team!"

The show averaged 475,000 per week, beating its predecessor The Clinic, which occupied the time slot before it and had a successful seven-season run.

The gangland drama has wowed the critics too, and has earned an impressive 10 IFTA nominations.

Love/Hate already picked up the Best Series award at the Cinema Tous Ecrans film festival in Geneva, Switzerland and was nominated for Best Drama at the Prix Europa Awards in Berlin last October.