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Striptease, drinks and a pool party - 'one night in Tallaght'

STRIPTEASES, drinking sessions and late night pool parties is what we can expect from the first episode of TV3's upcoming reality series Tallafornia.

The series, which follows the lives of seven young people living together in Tallaght, is set to air in January and viewers will get a full insight into their partying lifestyle.

As well as throwing all-night parties in their house across from the Citywest Hotel, the cast of the no-holds-barred reality show will be seen downing shots and dancing the night away in late night venues across the city.

Producers are currently putting the finishing touches to the series and with just a few more episodes left to shoot, the Herald can reveal the details of the first episode.


A source close to the cast revealed that in the series premiere viewers will see a raunchy striptease and a late night pool party.

"It's one of the girl's 21st in the first episode and the male stripper Jay does a surprise striptease for all the girls. All of the guys end up stripping in the club. And the girls don't hold back in this series, they are just as bad as the boys. After a night of partying Jay, the fitness instructor, then decides to open up the gym he works in for a late night pool party.

"As well as the cast members he invites back loads of girls from the nightclub and it all gets a bit raunchy," the source said.

Although producers of the show have claimed they are not trying to replicate MTV's smash hit series Jersey Shore and the UK's Geordie Shore, an insider admitted that there is just as much fake tan, sex and fighting.

"The producers don't want the show to be compared to Geordie Shore or The Only Way Is Essex but that's exactly what it's like.

"There is going to be some cringe-worthy stuff but the producers know people are definitely going to tune in," the source said.