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Stormy outlook for Gail

Sean learns he is entitled to half the rent from Gina's house, and Dermot hopes that news of Ben's kidnapping will not affect his chances of becoming a foster parent. Meanwhile, Damien reveals an unexpected skill at pool during an impromptu tournament.

Damien must choose between a romantic night with his wife and going out with the lads, and Dermot pretends to be undaunted by the domestic chores but later undermines Jo's authority at the community centre. Elsewhere, Paul persuades Niamh that Sean moving out will help their relationship.

Gail snaps when Audrey and David visit her in prison, and her day only gets worse when she encounters her new cellmate. Tyrone and Molly announce their reunion, but Bill's reaction sets Kevin panicking and John worries that his lies are going to catch up with him as he prepares to return to teaching.

Gail becomes convinced Audrey thinks she is guilty, since only David supports his mother. Molly prepares to find a way to break Tyrone's heart for a second time, Janice covers her feelings for Trevor, but adopts a new diet in the hope of impressing him by losing weight, and Tina has an idea when the offer for the flat is withdrawn.

After learning he has slept with half the village, Berni and Caitriona lure Johnny to the beauty salon before exacting their revenge, while Mo shows Lee who is boss.

Ronnie reluctantly attends Ben and Peggy's party, where she gets into an ugly confrontation with Phil.

Lucy plays truant from school and Carol is taken aback to learn why Billie lost his job. Ian is dismayed to discover that Zainab is planning a reshuffle at the Masala Unit.

Phil lies to the police, claiming he does not know Louise's whereabouts, but later turns her over to a social worker.

Jack saves Chelsea from a disastrous blind date, and Ian nervously prepares to tell Jane that Lucy is planning to have an abortion. Meanwhile, Max tries to comfort Jean -- unaware she is about to receive devastating news.

Aaron becomes frustrated with Paddy's constant questioning and heads into town, where he meets Jackson, and Ashley struggles to cope but tells Laurel he is just busy with work.

Elsewhere, Chas is cynical at first about Nicola's forced pleasantries, but enjoys watching her get closer to breaking point.

Chas and Nicola's arguing ends in a food fight, forcing Jimmy and Carl to intervene in a bid to break up the pair, and Paddy is grateful to Jackson when he arrives at the surgery with Aaron's phone, but the youngster is horrified to see them talking and thinks his secret has been revealed.

Josh awakes having slept rough in the park, and when he bumps into Ste, the pair try to put aside their differences. Meanwhile, Newt works to relieve Rae's anxieties about her curse and, after a morbid visit to a local psychic, Cindy gets a call from the police who provide a glimmer of hope that Holly is still alive.

The search for Holly is refreshed by the discovery of the youngster's coat, and when Jake spots a familiar face loitering around the village, he immediately sees a chance to rebuild his reputation. Meanwhile, Newt researches ways to counter Rae's curse, but his efforts are ruined.