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Stephen Rea to play Inspector Bucket in Dickensian drama


Stephen Rea

Stephen Rea

Ned Dennehy

Ned Dennehy


Stephen Rea

BAFTA-winning actor Stephen Rea is to play Inspector Bucket in a new drama based on the works of Charles Dickens.

The Honourable Woman star is joining fellow Irish actor Ned Dennehy (Charlie Strong in Peaky Blinders) in the 20-part BBC One drama series, Dickensian.

It will bring together many of the characters from Charles Dickens' classic novels.

Rea will play the police inspector from Bleak House.

"I've just been doing War and Peace for the BBC and from this week I'm filming Dickensian - it's based on his characters but in a completely different plot," he told the Herald.

"I deal with Fagan and Scrooge and all kinds of people that are nowhere near Bleak House, so it's very interesting.

"It's the most beautiful re-working of the world of Dickens that you could ever imagine.

"The characters take on a fresh life, and any actor would be simply mad not to want to accept the challenge these great scripts offer."

The Belfast native (68) will be joined on set by Oscar nominee Pauline Collins who will play Mrs Gamp from Martin Chuzzlewit, and Spooks' Peter Firth will also feature.

The elaborate set includes a cobblestoned high street with a fully functioning pub, a church, courts and 27 two-storey buildings.