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Staying in tonight? Of course you are. Here's the pick of what's on the box


Sly Stallone in Cliffhanger

Sly Stallone in Cliffhanger

Sly Stallone in Cliffhanger

It's a week before Christmas so there's still time to get ideas for that dinner or you could just hang out with Sylvester Stallone....


TV3, 9pm

JUDGES Paul Kelly and Biddy White Lennon are joined by guests as they compete in the kitchen and demonstrate two very different approaches to baking for Christ¬mas, featuring a traditional pudding and festive lollipops. So who will have a cherry on top and who will flop under the pres¬sure? Presented by Anna Nolan.



UTV, 11.10pm

Sylvester Stallone in decent movie shocker? Yep, true. Sly plays a mountain ranger who is called to rescue survivors of a plane crash stranded on a remote peak. The catch? The survivors, led by nasty old John Lithgow, are part of a criminal gang and are determined to get off the mountain - at any cost.
An old-fashioned action fest of a flick, Cliffhanger may not rely on any great acting, but it is a cracking yarn with some great set pieces. Hell, even Stallone manages to get away without making a show of himself. High praise, indeed.  



RTE2 9pm

DOCUMENTARY in which professional wrestler Fergal Devitt offers an insight into what it is like to be one of the biggest names in the world of Japanese pro-wrestling. The programme meets some of Devitt’s devoted fans and exam¬ines what goes on backstage, where wealthy businessmen often throw wild parties for their favourite fighters.



BBC1, 8pm

JUSTIN is struggling to deal with the break¬down of his relationship with Tiffany and erupts in a fit of uncontrollable rage, which comes to a head when he punches Allie. Can Vaughan deal with his son or should this now be a matter for the police? Hector pushes Sue to be with him but is left in the cold when she makes it clear she needs some space, while Darren arranges a surprise for Grace but she’s not too happy about it. George Windsor makes an unexpect¬ed appearance at the school dance with some important information about the future of Wa¬terloo Road. Last episode in the current run.



TV3, 7.30pm

DAVID is furious when Tyrone buys the corner shop’s best Christmas tree from under his nose and the pair end up tussling in the street. Who will be victorious? Alya tearfully tells her family she’s going to finish with Gary as their relation¬ship is causing too much heartache, Tony offers to clear Tracy’s rent arrears in exchange for 50 per cent of her business, Erica flirts with Nick in the bistro and Gavin tells Michael he hasn’t been to see a doctor yet.



CHANNEL 4, 9pm

JONATHAN Ross hosts the annual ceremony in its 25th year, celebrating the best in British comedy. With nominees including Matt Berry, Harry Enfield, Katherine Parkinson and Graham Norton alongside nominations for shows such as The Wrong Mans, Would I Lie to You? and Monty Python Live (Mostly), viewers should expect the unexpected, the unplanned and the unruly as some of the nation’s favourite stars pick up their awards whhere Jach Whitehall is gunning for three in a row.