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Staying in tonight? Here's what's on the box


Steph and Dom meet Nigel Farage

Steph and Dom meet Nigel Farage

Steph and Dom meet Nigel Farage

Staying in tonight? Here's the best of what's on the box this evening

What in the World?

RTE1, 11.35pm

In July of 2011, South Sudan was born on a wave of hope and promise after years of bitter oppression and genocide, but the violence and corruption that followed brought no reprieve for its people. Peadar King reports on the country’s rapid descent into chaos and

tries to understand just how and why it has happened, and examines the role that

international players, particularly China and America, played in the creation of the world’s newest state.


Panorama: An innocent serial killer?

BBC1, 8.30pm

Reporter Mark Daly investigates the case of former nurse Colin Norris, who in 2008 was jailed for the murder of four elderly patients and the attempted murder of a fifth. Examining the main components of the case against Norris, and drawing on new scientific research, Panorama claims to reveal new evidence that could cast doubt on his convictions.


Nevermind the Buzzcocks

BBC2, 11.20pm

Rhod Gilbert hosts another round of the light-hearted music quiz, with team captains Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding joined by Irish actress Yasmine Akram (pictured), American musician and producer Steve Aoki, Canadian stand-up comedian Bobby Mair and singer-songwriter Rumer.


Steph and Dom meet Nigel Farage

Channel 4, 10pm

Gogglebox favourites Steph and Dom Parker invite Nigel Farage to their upmarket B&B in Sandwich, Kent, where they spend a wine-fuelled evening questioning the UKIP leader – their local MP candidate – in an interview quite unlike anything in his political career.


Alex Higgins: The people’s champion

BBC Four, 10.35pm

A look back at the controversial life of the world snooker champion, who was widely regarded as one of the most naturally gifted players in the history of his sport, but whose brilliance was flawed by his demons. With contributions by members of his family, Jimmy White, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor.


The Republic of Telly

RTE Two, 10pm

Topical comedy show featuring unusual guest appearances on popular programmes. Presented by Kevin McGahern, Jennifer Maguire and Bernard O’Shea.