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Staying in tonight? Here's what to watch on the box


Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker's screen gets wiped again, Norah's Traveller Academy continues and there's hi-jinks aplenty in Red Rock

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe

BBC2, 10pm

Arguably the most scathing man on TV, the writer and broadcaster takes a satirical look at the latest news from the worlds of politics, the media and the internet, casting a critical eye over trends in TV, cinema, computer games and social media. Plus, commentator Philomena Cunk gives her own unique take on the biggest stories and there are contributions by Jake Yapp and Cassetteboy. With Diane Morgan and Morgana Robinson.


Norah's Traveller Academy

RTE2, 9pm

Norah Casey meets Christine Collins – daughter of actor Michael Collins and Travellers’ rights activist Catherine Joyce Collins – who explains her wish to run her own mobile beauty business. Impressed with her ambition, Norah advises Christine to research the real potential of the business on the streets of Dublin, before she attends an intensive beauty training course at a high-end salon. Following Norah’s guidance, Christine sets about developing a range of treatments and a brand image, while her mentor organises a major launch event with a host of potential clients and industry professionals. Last in the series.


Red Rock

TV3, 8.30pm

The two matriarchs finally come face to face in a showdown at the pub and Patricia is left reeling after Bridget tells her a few home truths. Meanwhile, a fire is discovered in the flat, Angela is ferried to hospital in the wake of the drama, and Brian’s sinister side is revealed when he takes his frustration out on a suspect.


Married Behind Bars

Channel 4, 10pm

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding day, but what happens when the groom is in prison? Last year, in California alone, more than 1,800 weddings took place behind bars, and this documentary follows the stories of three American women who have decided to tie the knot while their partners are serving time. Negotiating a myriad regulations and restrictions, the couples must follow strict dress codes, walk down the aisle via an X-ray machine and kiss each other through bulletproof glass.



RTE One, 7.30pm

The Carters grow increasingly worried when a furious Mick goes missing – having taken Dean with him. Will he harm his brother for what he did to Linda? Stan continues to beg Tina to help him die, forcing her to reach a decision. Stacey encourages Shabnam to give in to her feelings for Kush, while Masood gets an idea when he notices the family’s old restaurant is up for lease. Lauren finds a piece of paper from Emma’s case files – the content of which shocks her to the core.