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Staying in tonight? Here's what to watch on the box


Richard Branson on Necker Island

Richard Branson on Necker Island

Richard Branson on Necker Island

While you're nursing that horrific credit card bill which has just dropped through the letterbox, have a look at how the other half live in Richard Branson's paradise island. And then weep.

Billionairre's Paradise: Inside Necker Island

BBC2, 9pm

Documentary going behind the scenes at Necker Island, one of the world’s most exclusive holiday destinations, where guests can pay more than €51,000 a night and nearly 100 staff cater to just 30 clients. The Caribbean island is owned by Richard Branson and over the years he has welcomed everyone from Diana, Princess of Wales and Nelson Mandela to supermodel Kate Moss and One Direction’s Harry Styles.


Silent Witness

BBC1, 9pm

The first in a two-part story, starring Emilia Fox (left), David Caves and Richard Lintern. Nikki and Jack are called to a petrol station where three people have been shot dead, and conclude it is the work of a concealed shooter working from long range – a sniper is at large in London. They combine ballistics and wound pathology as they work to find this random murderer before panic hits the city.


The Last Days of Peter Bergmann

RTE1, 11.20pm

A documentary telling how, in the summer of 2009, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann arrived in Sligo Town. Over his final three days  before his death, he would go to great lengths to ensure no one would ever discover who he was or where he came from.


Nancy Corrigan - Speirbhean Acla

TG4, 9.30pm

The story of a remarkable girl from Achill who became one of the most successful aviators in America. In 1929, Nancy Corrigan immigrated to Cleveland.

Unbeknownst to her family, she began taking flying lessons. After breaking a world record for flying solo in 4.5 hours, Nancy achieved virtually every aviation certificate.

To fund this, she became a model with the Powers Agency in New York. She taught cadets during WWII, competed in the 1948 Kendall Trophy Race and flew executive jets. Nancy retired to Florida and died peacefully in 1983. 


Count Arthur Strong

BBC1, 10.35pm

New series. The continuing misadventures of former variety star Arthur Strong, aided and abetted by his former partner’s son.

Michael returns to the cafe, where he discovers that Arthur has written a novel, which is now sitting in his agent’s office.

However, when it turns out the book is full of salacious showbiz gossip, it’s clear that drastic measures are required to retrieve the manuscript, prompting the gang to stage a heist. Comedy, starring Steve Delaney and Rory Kinnear.