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Staying in tonight? Here's the pick of what's on the box


Pat Kenny's new show starts this evening but if you're in the mood for something else, try these on for size

Damned Designs: Don't Demolish My Home

Channel 4, 8pm

New series. Documentary following the eccentric individuals who have fallen foul of planning laws. In this episode, a Surrey farmer who secretly built a castle with his own hands under the cover of tall hay bales reveals the legal wrangles that have spanned three decades. There’s also Syed Shah, who took his chances by transforming a modest Bedfordshire bungalow into a seven-bedroom mansion, as well as Norfolk couple Rodney and Pam, who are approaching the end of an eight-year battle with their local council over their modified property.


Life Stories: Dail on the Dole

TV3, 9pm

In the final episode of the series, Independent TD John Halligan meets a number of men from Waterford who had steady jobs all their lives until the economy collapsed. He talks with those now working on community employment schemes who are glad to be earning again,but question whether the hourly wage is  exploitative.

The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge

BBC2, 8pm

New series. Six people are invited to compete in a garden-designing contest, with the winner being given a chance to plot and build a garden on Main Avenue at the Chelsea Flower Show 2015. For their first challenge, the designers have four days and £1,500 (€2,000) to build cottage gardens in the grounds of Harlow Carr, North Yorkshire. They will need to impress RHS judge James Alexander-Smith and the gold medal-winning gardener, Ann-Marie Powell to avoid being sent home.

At the end of the competition, one person will win the career-changing opportunity to apply their horticultural flair to a patch on the Main Avenue at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show. Presented by Joe Swift.


The Night Bus

Channel 4, 10pm

New series. Fly-on-the-wall documentary making use of remote-controlled cameras fitted to an ordinary London bus to explore the unique role this form of public transport plays in the hectic night lives of residents. The first episode reveals how the city’s status as a 24-hour party hotspot means that the night bus has become a popular place to find romance.