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The cast of Mad Men

The cast of Mad Men

The cast of Mad Men

A new spy series, the latest hi-jinks in Mad Men and a history of the Dublin Tenements


Sky Atlantic, 10pm

After the partners get notified in a backhanded fashion about McCann’s decision to absorb SC&P, Don characteristically leads the charge to try and remain independent by staking a claim to all of their conflicting accounts.
Elsewhere Roger needs Joan’s (Christina Hendricks, right) help to fix a clerical error while Peggy has difficulties casting a commercial.



BBC2, 9pm

New series. A defecting KGB officer reveals the existence of a potentially devastating Soviet plot dubbed Operation Glass and the head of MI5 assembles a special committee to help protect Britain. The first sleeper agent reactivated by the USSR is a civil servant who has been bullied and blackmailed into working for the KGB, and as the team scrambles to identify his role, MI5 operative Joe Lambe becomes obsessed with the reappearance of an old enemy codenamed Odin. Spy thriller set in 1972, starring Tom Hughes and Brian Cox.



TV3, 10pm

The aspects of tenement life conducted outside the home, such as the problems caused by the Dublin labour market and the roles played by pubs and pawnbrokers. Plus, a look at Monto (north inner city Dublin), an area that was once the largest red-light district in Europe, and 87-year-old Annie Winston gives her family an insight into the hardships she faced living in the slums.



RTE1, 10.15pm

Things aren’t looking good for the kidnappers, with Ashley under witness protection and Kevin awaiting trial. Clare’s plan to cheer Catherine up with a birthday party fails miserably when the family ends up arguing, with Daniel revealing a few home truths.

What none of them realise is that Tommy is back in Hebden Bridge, weakened by his injuries and hiding out in an abandoned narrowboat, where he starts plotting to see his son. Sarah Lancashire, Siobhan Finneran, James Norton and Karl Davies star. Last in the series.



RTE2, 9pm

Jennifer Maguire and Darren Kennedy help a shy 20-year-old from Balbriggan, Fingal, who dreams of kick-starting his life with a job. Having only had a short-term role in his brother’s cafe, the duo put him through a range of confidence building task at boot camp.

They also help young mother Niamh who wants to try to make up for her teenage mistakes and set a good example for her daughter. She is taught how to utilise her personality to impress employers.