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Dara O Briain and Ed Byrne outside Publisher El Diario in San Salvador, El Salvador

Dara O Briain and Ed Byrne outside Publisher El Diario in San Salvador, El Salvador

Lucy Beale in EastEnders

Lucy Beale in EastEnders


Dara O Briain and Ed Byrne outside Publisher El Diario in San Salvador, El Salvador

Funnymen Dara O Briain and Ed Byrne go on a big adventure, while we finally discover who has killed Lucy Beale

Dara and Ed's Great Big Adventure

RTE1, 10.15pm

A new three part series which follows comedians Ed Byrne and Dara O Briain  as they embark on an epic 4,000 mile Pan-American adventure, retracing an intrepid journey originally undertaken in the 1940s.

Episode one sees Dara and Ed start in Arizona and  speed towards Mexico where they see the famous Lucha Libre wrestlers, the ancient Zapotec civilisation of Monte Alban, and sample the local delicacy of iguana.


RTE1, BBC1, 7.30 and 9.30pm

THIRTY years to the day since the first episode, Nick Cotton’s body is found and the truth comes to light for a few residents.

Dot is determined to do the right thing and takes matters into her own hands, despite her nearest and dearest trying to find a way to help.

Dean sets his revenge plan into motion over at the Vic, Kim goes into premature labour and secrets are revealed about the Mitchells.

Shocking truths about Lucy come to light, 10 months after her murder – with many suspects

still in the frame, will the culprit ever be found?

At 9.30pm Hetti Bywater returns in a flashback episode going back to Good Friday 2014, the night Lucy was killed, revealing exactly how she

met her fateful end – and why?


Don't Tell the Bride

NEW series. Entertainer and groom Richie Byrne wants to celebrate his wedding like nobody else. But bride-to-be Amanda just wants a wedding that shows that Richie really knows her, she wants a special day that’s classy and sophisticated.

Can Richie really deliver a dream wedding?


Death In Paradise

BBC1, 8.30pm

Michelle Collins guest stars as a company boss who brings her staff to Saint Marie on an outdoor team-building exercise – although she isn’t around for long as she gets bumped off in her shack.

Humphrey tries to work out who is responsible - the aggrieved assistant, the long-lost son, the sister whose husband the victim slept with - or someone else.


Saints and Sinners

BBC4, 9pm

Dr Janina Ramirez discovers how monasteries shaped every aspect of medieval Britain and created a dazzling array of art, architecture

and literature.

She begins her journey to the desolate rock of Skellig Michael, off the Kerry coast. She investigates the lives led by the early monks and charts the arrival of hermetic Irish monasticism in Anglo-Saxon Northumberland.