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Peter Coonan as David Drumm in The Guarantee

Peter Coonan as David Drumm in The Guarantee

Peter Coonan as David Drumm in The Guarantee

The story of the most significant political decision in the State's history is the pick of tonight's programmes

The Guarantee

TV3, 9pm

Talk about a trip down bad memory lane. The film, which is written by Colin Murphy and based on his stage play, recreates the drama surrounding the most significant political decision in modern Irish history, when the Irish government decided to guarantee the entire domestic banking system. Starring Peter Coonan and Gary Lydon.


Death in Paradise

BBC1, 9pm

New series. Kris Marshall is back as the British detective working on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, where the sun shines all day and it seems half the residents are killers-in-waiting.

And so it appears with the first case when a plantation owner ends up dead during a seance - although with the door firmly closed at the time and all the participants holding hands round the table, who did the deed?

The victim’s family are convinced it was the work of a ghost said to haunt the plantation, but Humphrey is determined to find a more rational explanation.


The Super Rich and Us

BBC2, 9pm

In previous series Jacques Peretti has taken his analytic scalpel to the food industry and consumerism.

Here he takes what feels more like a meat cleaver to the world of billionaires, non-doms and trickle-down economics.

The gist of the argument – which economists queue up to bolster – is that trickle down has in practice worked more as trickle up, with ballooning inequality the result.


Eliza Lynch, Queen of Paraguay

RTE1, 10.15pm

Eliza Lynch was the Cork-born beauty who is revered in Paraguay as a national heroine.

Born in 1835, Eliza emigrated to France with her family at the age of ten. She became part of Paris’ Salon society in the 1850s. There she met Francisco Solano López, the charismatic son of the Paraguayan dictator, at a ball in 1854. They became lovers and soon Eliza was pregnant.

Although they never married, she returned to Paraquay with Lopez and, in time, Eliza became the most powerful woman in the country.


Shut ins: Britain’s fattest people

Channel 4, 9pm

At 46 stone, Sharon Hill is Britain’s biggest woman, who, despite living in the country, never sees any of it, spending all her time indoors. 

In four years, she hasn’t even been to the supermarket around the corner. Over seven months, cameras follow her life, and the lives of those in a similar situation behind closed doors.