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Maia Dunphy's What Women Want
RT? Two 
Thursday November 20th
Series 2, Episode 1

Maia Dunphy's What Women Want RT? Two Thursday November 20th Series 2, Episode 1

Kim Karshadian

Kim Karshadian

Jonathan Corrie

Jonathan Corrie


Maia Dunphy's What Women Want RT? Two Thursday November 20th Series 2, Episode 1

Settling in for a night in front of the telly? Here's the best offerings on the telly tonight

What Women Want

RTE 2, 10.00pm

THE presenter takes a look at the cult of celebrity in the country after learning that many young girls would rather be famous (like Kim) than stronger or smarter. She questions why so many people pursue the dream of stardom, and asks whether fame is a by-product of skill, or whether it is possible to sustain a celebrity status without talent.

Prime Time

RTE1, 9.35pm

Thousands of photos of Irish teenage girls are ending up on hardcore pornography sites without their knowledge. They include typical, innocent poses, taken in social settings, the likes of which can be found on thousands of social media pages across the world.

In this special programme, RTE's Investigations Unit reveals how those images are being copied by individuals who upload the pictures in their thousands to photo-sharing websites - and in many cases to extreme pornography sites.


The High Hopes Choir

RTE 1, 10.15pm

NEW series. Documentary following David Brophy, former principal conductor of the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, as he attempts to form two choirs comprising homeless people - one in Dublin and another in Waterford. The programme begins as he hits the streets and contacts charities in a bid to recruit members.

David approached Jonathan Corrie who tragically died on Monday in a doorway outside the Dail.



BBC1, 7.30pm

AFFAIRS of the heart concern the Branning family as Max has a chat with Lauren about Peter’s proposal, and then Emma lets slip that Abi and Ben are dating, prompting Max to storm over to the Mitchells’, where Phil comes to his

son’s defence. Cindy and her friends enjoy a funny video that Lola took on Fat Boy’s mobile - but when Lee realises it was filmed on the night Lucy died, he suddenly notices something that could add yet another twist to the investigation.


Teenage Lives online  – what parents need to know


MANY teenagers spend vast amounts of time online, chatting, tweeting, browsing and fol¬lowing the activities of their favourite celebrities, and it’s a world from which parents often feel excluded. However, with reports of falling self-esteem and increasing mental-health issues, Mark Austin investigates how heavy use of social media could be affecting the well-being of youngsters across the country.


The Knick


THACKERY hits rock bottom when his supply of cocaine dries up, coinciding with a New York Surgical Society event where he’s due to present his pioneering work. The attendance of a rival triggers his paranoia, causing the surgeon to make a reckless move. Meanwhile, Bertie tries to convince a judge that asymptomatic carriers of diseases do exist and Typhoid Mary should be kept in quarantine, and Barrow sinks to a new low to raise funds for the hospital. Drama starring Clive Owen.