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staying afloat

Prime Time Special -- Bail Out

RTE1, 9.35pm Feeling a bit down in the dumps right now, need a bit of a lift? Well this programme sure ain't gonna help. It focuses on how the EU and IMF threw Ireland a financial lifeline in 2010 due to its fiscal deficit.

The programme includes an interview with 'The Chopper', Ajai Chopra, the grand inquisitor -- sorry, chief negotiator -- of the IMF's mission to Ireland.

on song

Pitch Perfect

TG4, 8pm Just five weeks to go before the choir perform, in Croak (I mean 'Croke') Park, and the theme this week is confidence. Rock band Stand perform their new single, Olivia, before setting a task.

tunnel vision

Digging the Great Escape

Channel 4, 9pm Fascinating documentary in which engineers, archaeologists and serving RAF officers head to the site of the 1944 event, to excavate the remains of the tunnel that allowed 76 men to escape a German PoW camp.

The experts hope to understand how inmates managed to dig the tunnel -- known as Harry -- using only rudimentary tools right under the noses of their German guards.

Must-see viewing for all armchair generals and escape artists.

lords of the jungle

I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here!

UTV, 8.30pm After more than three weeks of physically and mentally demanding challenges (and that's just the audience), the time of reckoning has come for another contestant, as Ant and Dec reveal who the public has voted out. Plus, an update on the past 24 hours.