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Star blames soaps for death of sitcoms


Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Coronation Street

TV star Alan Davies has hit out at TV soaps for destroying sitcoms.

The Jonathan Creek actor (48) said that soap stars were not given enough time to learn their lines and that the likes of EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale were being churned out in a "factory".


He told Radio Times magazine that soaps had come to dominate the TV schedules, leaving no space for quality sitcoms.

Speaking about his family's viewing habits, Davies said: "Any soap gets turned off. Just the theme tune of EastEnders is enough.

"I hold soaps responsible for the death of the sitcom. All the best slots have been taken by the soaps."

The QI panellist said: "The actors are doing their best in an impossible situation, with so many lines to learn in not enough time. They have my professional sympathy."

But he added: "It's just a factory turning out not very good drama."

The comedian told the magazine: "I get why people get hooked on them, but like anything mass-produced, you're not going to get as nice a meal in a fast food place as when a chef has time to prepare it properly."

But the star did praise US drama Homeland and Channel 4 hit Gogglebox, "which I find addictive".