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Spoiled brats wanted for TV show

IF you have trouble making toast, have never done your own washing and leave it up to mum to cater for your every need, a reality TV show is seeking you.

Ireland's spoiled brats will be coming together this autumn for Young And Living Off Mum.

This August, eight Irish youths will be sharing a home as they attempt to fend for themselves.

The show was inspired by the UK version, Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum, which aired on the BBC last year.

Production company Straywave Media, which is still on a high after the success of Celebrity Salon, is seeking applications from people aged 18 and 24 who still rely on their parents for most things.

The eight contestants will be thrown into a house together and forced to fend for themselves -- includes cooking, shopping and cleaning.

The BBC version proved a huge hit among viewers, who revelled in watching the teens struggle in basic day-to-day tasks.

The young people will be film throughout August.


Although producers are still combing the capital for the appropriate home, a spokes-person confirmed that they will be set up in a "plush pad" for the three-week filming period.

"There have been loads of interest for applicants, we're in the process now of sending out applications," the spokesperson said.

"This focuses on people who are spoiled in different ways, not just financially.

"For example, there may be someone who doesn't know how to use a toaster and whose parents do the same things for them that they would have done when they were a child.

"People that have been essentially mollycoddled.

"The majority may not know how to use a washing machine or really practical stuff that everyone in their early 20s should know.

"It's the same as the BBC, we're not expecting bad kids -- just ones that are slightly clueless. When it comes to looking after yourself, they struggle."