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Someone has got hold of Tubridy but how will he cope up against X Factor

When is a desk a friend and when is it an enemy? It should surely be a piece of furniture that holds items we need for work and sometimes be a place where we can sit, and reflect and make decisions.

But it becomes an enemy when the host of an RTE show taps it constantly -- sometimes out of nerves, sometimes excitement, sometimes out of boredom.

Ryan Tubridy's desk had become his cigarette -- something to grab when feeling any heightened emotion. Just like smoking, we all suffered, we were passive viewers.

The RTE broadcaster is under huge pressure as ratings have not been great. Many will think that Tubridy has probably spread himself too thin.

As a friend of mine said recently, why does he have to do both the radio and television show? Why can't he just do one, and be good at that one?


I watched the whole Late Late Show on Friday. I was keen to see how he is coping with all this negative attention. He looks older.

In the promo before the show, he lacked his carefree attitude. He actually looked serious and focused.

There is a definite feel that a new producer has come on board and was all over Ryan Tubridy. A reined-in Tubridy. There was no tapping.

For the first time, it felt as if Ryan liked all his guests. He couldn't possibly, but one is paid the megabucks to make it seem that way.

But the biggest challenge for the Late Late team will be on Friday. TV3 is showing the American X Factor and it could be the end of the chat show as we know it.


Simon Cowell has gone out of his way to put his neck on the line to ensure that the American X Factor is the biggest thing to hit our screens.

With all the publicity surrounding the hiring and firing of Cheryl Cole, we have already seen that this series means business.

While in the States it needs to outshine The Voice, Dancing With The Stars and American Idol (though not on the same night), in Ireland it is essentially Simon versus Ryan this Friday night.

Having watched the Late Late Show last Friday, Ryan has certainly upped his game, no doubt due to the clever producing. The figures showed a major spike -- up 177,000 viewers after weeks of dropping thousands and thousands.

But all bets are now off. It will take a miracle not to lose at least another 50,000 viewers to TV3, as Simon Cowell kicks off the show of his life.

This Friday, it's time... to face... the music ... Simon Cowell against Ryan Tubridy. You decide!