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Social worker fury over EastEnders teen baby snatch

An EastEnders storyline featuring a baby being removed from a teenage mother by social services has been branded "disgraceful" by the body that represents social workers in the UK.

The head of the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) accused the BBC of being "too lazy and arrogant to get it right" over the story.

The plotline, which saw teenage mother Lola Pearce's (inset) baby Lexi taken from her, prompted a furious reaction on Twitter, both from those critical of social workers, and care professionals defending the social worker features.

But the BBC said it had not intended to portray social workers in a negative light, and there was no suggestion the worker's actions arose from "anything other than a genuine desire to protect Lexi".

Bridget Robb, acting chief executive of BASW, accused the BBC of spreading "misinformation".

"It is disgraceful to see a publicly funded broadcaster deliberately spreading misinformation about the child protection process because it is too lazy and arrogant to get it right," she said.

"We regularly give advice to programmes about social work storylines, we would like to know who advised EastEnders so badly."

But an EastEnders spokeswoman said they had worked with a social worker on the storyline.