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So, you think that you know SATC?

So, it's finally here -- after a two-year wait since the first flick and months of teasing trailers, Sex and the City 2 is opening at the box office today. But before you head off to the cinema with your BFFs to catch up with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, test your knowledge with our ultimate Sex and the City quiz.

We'll suss out the real-deal fans of the show -- those who know all about Manolos, Manhattan and magic moments from the show -- and those who, quite frankly, need to spend quality time with a SATC series box-set.

And here's a hint -- the questions start off easy and work up to some real brainteasers. See if you can stay the course and prove your super-fan credentials.

1> In the series, where does Samantha live?

A Meat-packing District B East Village

C Soho D Harlem

2> In the first SATC movie, the girls all go on Carrie's honeymoon. Where do they jet off to?

A Cuba B Mexico C Greece D Florida

3> Who does Carrie write a weekly column for?

A The New York Style Guide B The New York Star C The Village Beat

D USA Today

4> In series four, which supermodel walks by Carrie when she falls during a fashion show?

A Tyra Banks B Elle Macpherson

C Heidi Klum D Claudia Schiffer

5> What is Big's first name, as revealed in the final episode of the show?

A John B Robert C James D Hank

6> In the first SATC movie, what designer's wedding dress was given to Carrie?

A Vera Wang B Vivienne Westwood

C Chanel D Dolce and Gabbana

7> In series two, what was the name of the woman who Big met in Paris and later went on to marry?

A Naomi B Lauren C Stephanie

D Natasha

8> What was the name of Trey's interfering mother?

A Kitty B Babs C Bunny D Lucille

9> In series three, Miranda's speed-dating guy lied and said he was a doctor. What did Miranda

pretend to be?

A A high-school teacher B A flight stewardess C An underwear model

D An actress

10> In series two, what kind of seminar did Charlotte drag the girls along to?

A A knitting demonstration B A tantric sex workshop C A workshop for women who want to get married

D A cookery class

11> What was the detail of Berger's novel that Carrie didn't believe was realistic (much to his annoyance)?

A Women only need eight pairs of shoes B All women in their 30s want to have babies C A New York woman would wear a scrunchie D The end of the book reveals the plot was all a dream

12>What is the last word uttered in the final SATC episode?

A Special B Friends C Soulmates

D Fabulous

13>What showbiz diva appears in the new SATC movie?

A Barbra Streisand B Liza Minnelli

C Cher D Shirley MacLaine

14> Steve names his bar after his dog. What is it called?

A Scout B Buddy C Rascal D Skipper

15> In series four, when Aidan gave Carrie the option of buying her apartment from him, how did she come up with the money for the deposit?

A She used money from a book advance B She borrowed money from Big C The girls all clubbed together to help her D Charlotte sold her old engagement ring and lent Carrie the money

16> In the first SATC movie, which two characters went for a Valentine's Day meal together?

A Charlotte and Samantha B Harry and Charlotte C Smith and Samantha

D Carrie and Miranda

17> Which of these male characters appeared first in the SATC series?

A Harry B Aidan C Steve D Berger

18> Which two characters have never had a family member appear on the show?

A Miranda and Carrie B Charlotte and Samantha C Miranda and Charlotte

D Carrie and Samantha

19> Who said this: "We all judge. That's our hobby. Some people do arts and crafts; we judge."?

A Stanford B Samantha C Anthony D Miranda

20> Sarah Jessica Parker's son James Wilkie appeared on the show in series six as the baby of which character?

A Miranda B Aidan C Carrie's friend Kyra D Miranda's neighbour

21> Which SATC lady is the only one to have never locked lips with another woman on screen?

A Carrie B Samantha C Miranda D Charlotte

22> When Big came to visit Carrie at Aidan's country house, he was getting over a break up with an actress. What was her name?

A Poppy B Heather C Willow D Daisy


How much money did the first SATC movie make at the global box office?

A $100m B $220 m C $77m D $415m