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There's never been a better time to have a good laugh at Irish television. Not that there's suddenly been an explosion in quality comedies or anything like that but merely that the race to the bottom of a big puddle of inanity and mediocrity has become increasingly ludicrous.

This week, we had the news that RTE intends pulling The Daily Show and Four Live a month before the end of their intended runs, as if anybody would notice. Quite why they dropped the perfectly adequate The Afternoon Show in the first place is a mystery but, out beyond in Montrose, there are people who actually believe that Daithi O'Se is 'edgy' rather than a big lump of culchie cliche, so he'll be with us for some time I fear.

Even funnier was the storm in a cocktail glass about TV3's forthcoming cringefest Tallafornia. This gruesome piece of muck follows the antics of wannabe Z-list celebs but drew down a storm of protest about how it was 'trashy TV'.

Mind you, the complaints didn't come from the handful of people who regard The View as a highpoint of cultural broadcasting but from some of the creatures who stalk Fade Street.

I'm not sure whether it was the one who sounds like Robbie Keane or the one who appears to have a permanent bad smell under her nose, but they weren't pleased about the prospect of Tallafornia and were quick to point out that they'd never consider appearing in such tripe.

Look, the kind of people who go on Tallafornia, Fade Street, One Night Stand, Midday or The Apprentice would do a dirty dance with a donkey in the middle of O'Connell St if they thought it would get them on the telly, so any claims to the contrary are to be taken with as much salt as it would have taken to make our roads passable last Christmas. And don't get me started on the spoofers who comprise the panel on Dragons' Den.