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Sizzling new series planned in follow-up to Tudors

The masterminds of global television hit The Tudors are to film a new series on the King Arthur legend in Ireland.

Building on the success of the historical drama, producers are planning a similar large-scale, 10-episode show to be shot in Co Wicklow this June.

Arts Minister Martin Cullen praised the successful bid and said landing a series of this scale showed the quality of Irish film talent both in front of and behind the camera.

"Camelot will follow on from where the hugely popular The Tudors series finished off," the outgoing minister said.

Billed as romantic adventure, filming of the series will take place at Ardmore Studios, locations around Wicklow and possibly in the west of the country.

Casting has also begun with the premiere planned for early 2011.

Camelot will be based on Thomas Malory's 15th-century book, Le Morte d'Arthur, considered the definitive work on the legend. But producers aim to tell the story in an authentic modern style.

Executive producer Morgan O'Sullivan from Dublin-based Octagon Films, who also worked on The Tudors, said: "It's a bit bigger than that, because of the scale of the period.

"But we have been successful around the world and a lot of the people who worked on The Tudors will work on Camelot."

The production could be worth up to €30m to the local economy.

"The benefits of film and television production in Ireland include increased international investment in our economy; increased employment in this sector and positive spin-off effects for promoting Ireland as a tourist destination," the minister added.