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Sixth season of Love/Hate will be the last

THE award-winning cast and crew of RTE gangland hit Love/Hate will reunite to start filming the fifth season next Tuesday.

Creator Stuart Carolan is already planning a sixth.

There will be six episodes in the forthcoming series of the TV drama, which will see kingpin Nidge (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) escape to Spain.

But the show's makers hope to give Love/Hate a thrilling ending, and Carolan wants to do that by writing a final season next year.

"There were rumours that season five was going to be 12 episodes, but that's not the case – it's six, with a proper climax that Love/Hate fans are used to and enjoy," an industry source said.


"The plan is to finish the Love/Hate journey next year, with another series after this one."

Season five, which will air as part of RTE's autumn schedule, will be shot over the next three months, and several weeks of production will take place in Spain.

"It's a relatively long shoot until June, so the crew members are in prep all week, finalising plans and securing details for filming locations," a source said.

"It's all hands on deck because everything has to be ready to go for next Tuesday – Love/Hate is a tight ship and a very fast-paced shoot."

After much anticipation, the cast of the crime drama received their scripts for the opening episodes last week.

Actresses Aoibhinn McGinnity and Mary Murray, who play Nidge's wife and mistress, admitted they had heard nothing about their return until this month, and the producers are giving them as little time as possible before the shoot to keep storylines secret.

Having signed confidentiality agreements not to reveal the plot, the drama's stars will be in rehearsals for the next few days.

It is rumoured that one of the lead actors will exit the show this time around after a shooting.