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Sinead Kennedy gets inked on screen for new documentary about tattoo culture


Sinead Kennedy

Sinead Kennedy

Sinead Kennedy

Sinead Kennedy has added to her tattoo collection for a new show that's all about getting inked.

The Cork native is filming a Reality Bites show for RTE about tattoo culture in Ireland and couldn't resist getting a few more herself.

"I'm working on a tattoo documentary at the moment which is very dangerous because I love tattoos," she told the Herald.

"I had two small ones but now I have two more. I have one on my wrist and a star on my foot.

"They filmed me getting one of them so it'll all be revealed on the show.

"I got another one on my foot and I got one on my ribs last Saturday so I'm in agony at the moment.

"The show delves into tattoo culture in Ireland which has changed so much in the last decade alone - it's almost more unique these days not to have a tattoo," she added.

Meanwhile, Sinead (31) and Marty Whelan are looking forward to returning to our screens on the new series of Winning Streak.

The popular game show moved to the summer slot to make way for Nicky Byrne's Millionaire Challenge and the pair say fans are excited for it to come back.

"Winning Streak is the best fun you can have, it's real money, it's good people - it's reality television without hurting anybody. I love it to bits, always have," Marty gushed.

"I've had lots of people asking when it's back - people like the style of it: the banners, the balloons and their family and friends in the audience," Sinead added.

"Kids love to play along and the adults love it because you can make lots of money," Marty added.

Nicky's show didn't go down well with viewers initially but Marty (58) says that's just part and parcel of being a presenter.

"We all get things said to us over the years - I've had to deal with slings and arrows over the years for various things but he's a good broadcaster and it comes with the territory," he said.

However, the change in the schedule has meant that Marty has had to change his plans to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife, Maria.

"I don't know when we're going to celebrate but work is work so you have to fit it all in," he said.

Winning Streak in association with the National Lottery returns on June 20.