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Show will be better says Tubs

RYAN Tubridy has vowed to get back on top of his game -- and fix his 2fm radio show.

The RTE presenter has been criticised lately after a drop in ratings of 110,000 listeners for his 2fm show.

He was also blasted by some Late Late Show viewers for not asking Ronan Keating about his marriage.

However Tubridy is adamant that he'll go at it all guns blazing this Autumn -- and has vowed to get back on top of his game.

"I have a new producer now, Paul Russell, and I'm taking a couple of weeks off try to get match fit for the Late Late Show and the radio show. I'm going to take it by the scruff of the neck, give it a good shake and make it better," he told the Herald.

"I don't mind the critics -- I really don't have an issue with them. My issue is with the listener who I like, the TV viewer who I like and respect and just getting it right for them."


The dad-of-two also said that he's long enough in the industry not to take criticism too personally. He has insisted that his two-hour show couldn't be compared with Gerry Ryan's previous slot of three hours.

"The radio show is young in radio years and there's an hour lopped off it. If there were three hours, it would be a different story."

His focus for the next few weeks will be on improving his performance next season, which is why he said he decided to quit the Twitter.

"There was no two ways about it, it was about time.

"I was watching the TV and Tweeting and I wasn't watching the news properly.

He's now mid-way through his BBC Radio Saturday morning slot and enjoying the change of scene.

"It's a great city, I'm enjoying the size and anonymity of London and also learning how they do things over there. I met Terry Wogan on Friday and I got all excited," he added.