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Sharon Murphy: 'I've nothing to fear in Voice battle'


Sharon Murphy

Sharon Murphy

Sharon Murphy

Irish singer Sharon Murphy said she has no fear ahead of The Voice UK Battle stages because nothing compares to the nerve-wracking audition.

The Galway woman's singing voice may not have been noticed in the orphanage where she grew up, but Tom Jones knows talent when he hears it.

Her emotional performance caught the attention of judge Tom, who said her voice "cut right through" to his heart.


Sharon (52) was given up for adoption as a baby and grew up in an orphanage in Clifden.

"It was quite a painful place. Not knowing who my family was made me feel isolated and lonely," she said.

"As a black Irish girl, I did experience being treated differently at times.

"I didn't start writing any songs until I was 25.

"When you grow up in an orphanage you're not seen and your talents aren't necessarily recognised.

"The first song I wrote, which was about my mother, came out in about 10 minutes and it was like winning the lottery. I was wired for days."