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Shaping up

Operation Transformation: Six Months and Counting

RTE 1, 8pm The ever affable Kathryn Thomas (below) touches base with Sinead Heffernan who has lost an additional half a stone since the final weigh-in.

We also hear how former participant Ronan Scully ran in the snow for seven hours as part of the North Pole Marathon.

looking back

Who Do You Think You Are?

BBC 1, 9pm June Brown, aka Dot from EastEnders, wants to know more about her mother's mysterious past.

"I don't care what I find out as long as I find out,'' she says. However, as the layers of her family history are removed, she is in for some shocks.


Stars Go Racing

RTE 1, 8.30pm Linda Martin and Co are still trying to get to grips with the world of horse training. This week, Ella McSweeney goes all out and even takes a horse for a swim. Meanwhile, Jessica Harrington really puts rugby icon Alan Quinlan through his paces.

feeling ansty

Natural World: Empire Of The Desert Ants

BBC2, 8pm This documentary was filmed in Arizona and is narrated by Andy Serkis. It follows a honey-ant queen's rise to power and the methods she uses to extend her influence and keep her subjects under control, including cannibalism, genocide, the ruthless elimination of rivals and the sacrifice of thousands.