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'Serial monogamist' Sile opens up on the 'dark side' of her personal life

PRESENTER Sile Seoige has opened up about her "dark side" admitting that she has battled relationship and personal issues in her past.

The Galway girl, who is currently single, said she is a serial monogamist and a self-confessed hoarder.

The TG4 host, who lost jobs with RTE and radio station Newstalk in recent years, said that she would love a chance of securing a nine to five job and avoiding the insecurity of freelance work.

After a difficult few years in which she battled thryoid cancer and lost her radio show, Seoige says that she is now at peace with herself.

"I have realised over the years, that I have a tendency towards hoarding," she explained. "I'm massively changed from where I was, but only because I accepted it.

"With the darkness, the worst thing you can do is deny it and brush it under the carpet because then it becomes a monster."


"If you tackle it, that's you taking control and that's a good thing," added Sile.

The TV and radio presenter is gearing up for the start of Irish language reality television show GIG on TG4.

While Sile (34) said that she is enjoying a mix of radio, TV and voice-over work, there is always worry attached with freelance work.

"I do [relish it], but if a nine to five came along that I thought I was well suited to, I would certainly give it some thought," she admitted.

"Like all industries and businesses at the moment, the budgets just aren't there. There's less money being spent, fewer programmes being made, so there's less demand for the likes of me."

However, she added: "Being freelance allows you huge flexibility, you can build your life around work, and do different things."

Following the breakdown of her marriage to Glen Mulcahy in 2009, Sile began a relationship with TV producer Kim Burrows, and they dated for three years before going their separate ways.