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Secret Millionaire receives sobering reminder of poverty

secret millionaire

RTE 1, 9.35pm Irish-born millionaire Nadim Sadek (below) enjoys his money in many ways -- not least relaxing on his private island.

However, when he moves into a deprived part of Cork city and has to get by on the minimum wage for eight days, it's a sharp reminder just how grim things can be for some people. Who will he think is deserving of his money?

health is wealth

embarrassing bodies

Channel 4, 9pm Tonight's patients include a 26-year-old who suffers from chronic pain, plus a woman whose bouts of dizziness have destroyed her life over the past two years.

Meanwhile, Christian Jessen plays a brain-controlled video game in Brighton with a teenager who has ADHD and an investment banker talks about using a dialysis machine every night to cleanse her blood.

tucking in

home cooking made easy

BBC2, 8.30pm Lorraine Pascale makes it all seem so easy for enthusiasts who want to rustle up some top-grade nosh in the comfort of their own home. Tonight's offerings include a prosciutto and brie toastie and a chocolate cheesecake.

medicial matters

dispatches: can you trust your doctor?

Channel 4, 8pm A chilling report by Jon Snow on GPs who have been responsible for repeated misdiagnoses and yet have been allowed to continue in practice. He hears from a whistleblowing doctor and nurse who reveal flaws in the way patients are alerted to cases of malpractice.