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Sean and Tanya see in the new year - by saying 'I do' again


The wedding

The wedding

Chloe Agnew

Chloe Agnew


The wedding

Irish Once Upon A Time star Sean Maguire celebrated the New Year by re-marrying his wife of two years Tanya Flynn in Kerry.

The couple previously married in a ceremony in Los Angeles - where they currently live - in October 2012 but decided to mark the occasion with another ceremony on home soil ahead of 2015.

It was an intimate but star-studded affair as Sean's (37) pals and TV hosts Ant and Dec were spotted at the wedding.

Tanya is a police detective and Sean plays Robin Hood in the popular ABC drama, which also stars Sarah Bolger as Sleeping Beauty and Victoria Smurfit as Cruella de Vil.

Singer Chloe Agnew, Twink's daughter, performed at the ceremony after meeting the couple in LA when she was travelling with Celtic Woman.

She also brought her boyfriend Dermot Kiernan to the lavish event.

The couple wed in a Catholic ceremony at St Michael's Church in Sneem, before moving on to the Sneem Hotel for their reception on Tuesday.

They continued the celebrations by marking the New Year at a local restaurant.


Sean previously starred in EastEnders and this year we'll see him on the silver screen in a comedy called Party Pieces.

The movie also stars Hollywood heavyweights Burt Reynolds, Adam Garcia and Carmen Electra and tells the story of an extraordinary weekend in the lives of seven university friends who reunite after some years apart.

Meanwhile, while it was a wonderful occasion for the happy couple, the romance in the air resulted in an engagement for one of Sean's co-stars. Rebecca Mader - who plays the Wicked Witch of the West on the show which combines fairy tales with modern life - announced her engagement to TV producer Marcus Kanye yesterday afternoon.

Rebecca (37) announced the news on her Instagram account, sharing a picture in which she donned a Santa hat and showed off her engagement ring - a rectangular-cut diamond with micro-diamonds around it and set in white gold.

Rebecca previously starred in Lost, The Devil Wears Prada and Blue Bloods while her now fiance Kayne is a producer on the reality show Do Or Die and has also acted on the TV show The Big Bang Theory.