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Scoring: Score five points for each answer you get right. If you get the tricky bonus question right, give yourself 10 points (and a pat on the back!)

Results -- How much of a SATC fan are you?


Oh dear, have you ever actually watched any episodes or do you just nod along when your friends gossip about the show? It's time to take a crash course in SATC and your first study material should be the new movie.


Not a bad result -- maybe you're more likely to be out on the town with the girls than sitting at home watching re-runs. After all, we didn't see Carrie and the crew watching the box every night.


Ah, close but no cigar. It's like getting yourself all dolled-up for the wedding of the decade and then Mr Big gets cold feet -- such a disappointment. But take heart; just like Carrie, you've proved you're made of sterner stuff. Plus you sure know a thing or two about Sex and the City.


If you got this score, it's safe to say that you're a SATC devotee. You watch re-runs every night, have Cosmo glasses in your kitchen press and have probably been on the SATC tour in New York. You are crowned the ultimate SATC fan!