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Scent packing killer at large Blast from the past Waiting in hope

UTV, 9pm This sparky romantic comedy is loosely based on Imogen Edwards-Jones' book Fashion Babylon. All the cut and thrust of the high-end fashion world is played out against a background of love, lust and loss.

Tonight, it's handbags at dawn, when Lydia unceremoniously has fashion critic Mitchell Crompton thrown out of her glamorous perfume launch.


UTV, 9pm

In the eyes of the law, murder is murder no matter what the circumstances. But what if the killer is the victim of domestic violence?

When a man is found bludgeoned to death, the victim's wife and son concoct a far-fetched story about an intruder in their home. It turns out the murdered taxi driver was an abusive drunk and far from an ideal husband.


TV3, 10pm

Tonight, this excellent series zones in on the life and times of Liam Cosgrave and Charles Haughey. Liam Cosgrave's time in power was plagued by violence in the south and Charles Haughey served three terms in office.


TV3, 9pm

This series follows 14 people from around the country with one thing in common -- their need for life-saving transplants.

The wait is finally over for 21-year-old cystic fibrosis sufferer Luke Murtagh, from Sallynoggin, as he undergoes a liver transplant.

CF, as it is more widely known, is the most common genetic life-threatening illness in Ireland. It primarily affects the lungs, digestive system, and in some cases, the liver.