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Ryan Tubridy: 'It was tough to be entertaining and in public eye after dad died'


Ryan Tubridy

Ryan Tubridy

Ryan Tubridy

Ryan Tubridy


Ryan Tubridy

Ryan Tubridy has spoken about how difficult he found it to be "entertaining" after his father died.

His dad, Pat, passed away two years ago, and the Late Late Show host said his death had an enormous effect on him.

"It's hard being in the public eye when you've had such an enormous loss, because you're sad and it took a long time to process, yet you have to be 'on' and you have to be there and somewhat entertaining," he said.

"That was difficult, but that's the job and I understand that.

"I've an awful lot more sympathy and empathy for people who've gone through a bereavement. I care more now, and that's a good thing."

While Tubridy is set to move back to his old slot at 9am on RTE Radio One in the coming weeks, he admitted he "struggled for a while" when he moved to 2fm after Gerry Ryan's death.

"It seems the right time to go back," he said. "The show struggled for a while to find its feet but has now found its feet.

"It has gone up five times in figures, which is a real buzz for someone as needy as me.

"There were a few years there at the start that were quite rough for me.

"The figures weren't doing great, The Late Late Show was doing only okay and my confidence might have taken a bit of a bashing.

"But then things took a turn. It comes back to that 40 thing again. I got a grip, I re- assessed, re-booted almost and re-engaged and it worked.


"With the new show, they want me to be me the me I am off-air as opposed to on air because I'm quite straight on TV and radio.

"I'm a lot more irreverent, bolder and slightly dark off-air, so they want a bit more of that."

Meanwhile, there is plenty of gossip surrounding Ray D'Arcy's move to Saturday night TV and the ensuing ratings war between him and Tubridy.

"It's the rough and tumble of showbiz - there's always competitiveness," Tubridy told the RTE Guide.

"I would be competitive with whatever is on, regardless of who it is."

"It's the nature of the person and the business. You don't end up being the Late Late Show presenter without being a bit competitive and, by the same token, you don't end up on the Saturday Night Show without being competitive and ambitious.

"That's why I welcome Ray. I say, 'Go for it and we hope to do better than you'.

"Our game is upped by his presence so we benefit from him being there. It's a good thing."