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RTE drama turned into Little White Ratings Flop

MUCH-Hyped RTE drama Little White Lie proved a turn-off for viewers, with only one-in-four tuning in over the bank holiday weekend.

The average audience share was 336,000 and it held the attention of an average of 26.5pc of viewers.

A spokeswoman for RTE maintained that the show "seemed to go down well with viewers" and it hit a peak of 450,000 but disappointed across the board in average calculations.

The programme, billed as a Dublin rom-com, reportedly lured Andrew Scott and Elaine Cassidy back from each of their bases in London, where they had been carving out a name for themselves.


It featured down on his luck actor Barry (Andrew Scott) as he falls in love with bubbly children's TV presenter Annie (Elaine Cassidy), but inadvertently tells a little white lie that he is a psychiatrist.

Little White Lie was launched with considerable hype and advertising in the preceding weeks. But both critics and audiences were left thoroughly disappointed by the show, as visible in newspaper reports and on online discussion boards shortly after the broadcast.

An RTE spokesperson defended the ratings, saying that "this was a drama and would not be comparable to other programmes on this usual slot on a Monday night".