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Rogue returns home

Dean suggests Kylie needs psychiatric help after she berates him over the phone, and Ian asks Deegan whether the job in Mayo is still available. Meanwhile, Paul agrees to hire help at the garage, and Keith warns Felix against pursuing Niamh.

Tracey returns from her journey and berates Dean for not meeting her at the airport. Elsewhere, Ian refuses to apologise to Sarah for his alleged attack on her and he later learns he has been offered the job in Mayo, while Keith tells Paul that Felix fancies Niamh.

Gail and David arouse Audrey's suspicion, but Nick is more interested in Underworld than his grandmother's concerns. Eileen is thrilled by news of Jason and Tina's engagement, but their plan to move back into No 11 does not go down well with Jesse. Becky takes advantage of her pregnancy to boss Steve about, and Dev impresses Sunita's aunts.

Nick and Audrey interrogate Gail, having learned about Joe's debts -- but despite everything, she stands by her man and rejects David's pleas to do the right thing.

Leanne tells Carla about her history with Nick, Sunita is forced to rein Dev in when he gets carried away with his pretend marriage, and Eileen lays down the law to Jesse.

Brenda is pushed to the limit by Adelaide's demands and decides to confront Mack, who is stunned to discover he is the father of the baby, and Johnny continues his womanising ways.

Bradley is terrified when the police launch a local DNA screening, while Bianca continues her wedding preparations as two surprise guests from the Jackson family arrive early.

Ricky questions whether he is good enough for his fiancee during his stag party and Shirley is furious with Phil when she finds Sonia naked in his bed.

Max prepares to take the fall for Bradley as the police arrive on the Square, but realises they have come to arrest Janine. Meanwhile, Carol starts to regret her decision to return to Walford, Phil tries to smooth things over with Shirley, and Dot faces a dilemma.

Paddy informs John that the lamb was killed by a toxic chemical commonly used on farms, forcing Adam to admit he is responsible for poisoning the stream, after he knocked over a barrel containing the toxin weeks previously.

Meanwhile, Zak is furious when Shadrach returns and pretends to know nothing about what happened at the house, and Natasha warns Nicola not to gossip about her family.

Elsewhere, Nathan makes it clear to Maisie that she needs to get over Ryan, a reluctant Zak accepts when Shadrach offers to help rebuild Wishing Well, and Ashley is delighted when Laurel invites him to spend some time with her and the children.

Josh becomes annoyed by Rhys's seemingly nonchalant reaction to Hannah's departure, and India steps in to mediate between the warring siblings. Meanwhile, Kathleen continues to push the McQueen household to its limits, and Nancy hits the bottle after her break-up with Kris.

Having reconciled with Rhys, it seems Josh's luck is on the rise, and he finally shares a kiss with India. However, his determination to remain sober provides his brother with an ideal opportunity for a prank. Meanwhile, Kathleen asks Theresa to leave the village with her.