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Rhys Meyers set to spice things up for Late Late's opening show


STAR TURN: Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the Late Late

STAR TURN: Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the Late Late

STAR TURN: Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the Late Late

IRISH movie hunk Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the headline guest for the return of the Late Late Show this Friday.

In what's being hailed as a considerable coup for the show's producers, Rhys Meyers will feature in a lengthy interview, which RTE hope will pull in massive audience numbers for the show's return from the summer break.

The first show will be broadcast live from the stunning new state-of-the-art Opera House Opera House in Wexford in a special one-off before returning to its usual home in Montrose.

That's why the show's chiefs were especially keen to pull in an A-list name to kickstart the inaugural programme of the autumn in style.


"Rhys Meyers really is one of the biggest stars that Ireland has ever produced and everyone's fascinated by him," said a source.

"Women absolutely love him and guys respect him because he's also a very talented actor, so there's no doubt he's a popular choice when it comes to interviewees."

The Cork native starred in massive hits like Match Point and Bend it Like Beckham before returning to Dublin to film the popular €25m series, The Tudors.

Production on the third series is currently underway in Ireland, with America's Showtime bosses expected to green-light a fourth series.

In keeping with the Late Late's high-profile return this Friday, more than 200 people will perform on the show in the night, including the 50-strong RTE Concert Orchestra, a choir of 118, and the entire Riverdance collective.

"The emphasis is on song, dance and chat for the first show and it promises to be a real gala night. A full orchestra, choirs, magic acts, Riverdance and UK chart-topper Katherine Jenkins will all appear on the show," a source told the Herald.

Last year's successful season of The Late Late Show saw more viewers tuning in than in the previous season which enjoyed an average audience of 641,000.

Close on half of all people watching television on Friday night's are still choosing Pat Kenny's Late Late.