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Reuben will host new TV show

RTE hopes children will embrace their entrepre-neurial spirit with the launch of its new show The Big Big Bazaar.

The State broadcaster, which is undergoing a massive shake-up of its youth output, has begun filming the series, which will see teams of kids raising money for local causes by organising a massive bazaar.

The 10-part show, to be aired on The Den and hosted by children's entertainer Reuben, will see two teams of 9 to 12-year-olds go head to head each week.

The youngsters will gather items to sell, organise games, select items to auction, publicise the event and sell off their finds. The teams are given two days to raid their attics, get donations from neighbours, and bake sweet treats for visitors.

The Big Big Bazaar is shot on location around the country and kicks off in Kilkenny. The new show comes hot on the heels of the shake-up, which will see RTE replace many of its long-running shows, including ICE and Kazoo, with an entirely new format.