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return visit

At Your Service -- Revisited

RTE1, 7pm It's a full 12 months since John and Francis Brennan (below) visited The Rectory in Shannon Harbour, Co Offaly.

A crucial part of Francis's plan for getting the B&B back on track was that owner Nancy O'Hara got rid of all her soft toys. Francis wants to check they haven't returned!

crossed wires

Coronation Street

TV3, UTV 8.30pm Lloyd gets the wrong end of the stick when he sees Cheryl comforting Chris.

Meanwhile, Leanne buys a birthday card for Stella but asks Eva to pass it on.

And an increasingly stressed-out Audrey wonders if the chaos at the salon can be brought under control?

identity crises

Me, My Sex And I

BBC1, 10.35pm A special report for the Oprah Winfrey Network on the deeply troubled world of people who are born 'intersex'.

They are classed as neither entirely male or female and usually have to cope with a lifetime of emotional trauma.

They have obvious identity problems, plus real difficulties in trying to form relationships.


Traffic Cops

BBC1, 8pm A desperate burglar tries to get away from police officers when he jumps into a canal and swims to freedom.

Plus, a policewoman at a Travellers' site in Hull has to activate her panic alarm when a youngster resorts to violence to escape arrest. Narrated by Jamie Theakston.