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Reggae Britannia

Friday, BBC4, 9pm BBC4 has not put a foot wrong with their excellent Britannia series of music documentaries. This 90-minute film, which looks at how reggae and ska have developed since the early 1960s, includes clips of the Specials, UB40 and Linton Kwesi Johnson. Unmissable.

The 70s

Monday, BBC2, 9pm In a new four-part series, historian Dominic Sandbrook looks at the decade that evokes pangs of nostalgia for many. Bowie! Bolan! Slade! The Common Market! Strikes! Ah, the good old days.

Rachel Allen's Easy meals

Thursday, RTE1, 8.30pm The Orient is the theme as Rachel shows us ways to rustle up cardamom and coconut panna cotta, a prawn red curry and chicken noodle soup. Mmmm, feeling hungry now.

Champions League Live

Wednesday, RTE2, 7.30pm Stamford Bridge is the venue for the first leg of this Champions League semi-final as Chelsea, take on the holders Barcelona. Lionel Messi (left) has scored more than 60 goals in all competitions this season. Yes, I am very afraid indeed.

Racing from Aintree

Today, RTE2, 3.15pm Despite calls for the Grand National to be abolished, it remains a highlight in the sporting calendar, a day when people who wouldn't know a horse from a hippopotamus feel inclined to place a few bob on a nag whose name sounds nice.

Meet the Romans with Mary Beard

Tuesday, BBC2, 9pm Professor Mary Beard begins a new three-part series looking at the lives of ordinary citizens in Ancient Rome by examining how the expanding empire turned the city into a global metropolis, as cultural influences from all over Europe and Africa impacted upon it.