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Red Rock star Richard Flood to star in major new British drama


Richard Flood

Richard Flood

Richard Flood

He's best-known as Gda Supt James McKay on TV3 soap Red Rock, and now Richard Flood has been cast as another cop in his latest telly project.

The Dublin actor stars in new drama Crossing Lines, which starts on UK channel Alibi next Tuesday.

He plays a former bare- knuckle boxing policeman named Tommy McConnell.

Flood said that in preparation for the physical role he spent hours in the gym, including training with a champion kick-boxer.


"I had to put on a lot of muscle for the job, so I was training with a European champion kick-boxer - he was a beast - in Prague where we shot most of the series," he said.

"There was a lot of weapons training as well. I hadn't done that level of preparation before.

"For some plays I would lose a lot of weight or put on weight, but I've never had to work out so much."

Speaking to the RTE Guide, Flood, who will reprise his role in the next season of Red Rock, said he enjoyed the challenge of getting buff for the role.

"It was a lot of fun, and the training was a nice hook into the character," he said.