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Red-faced RTE wants to forget Bird fiasco

IT TAKES a real shocker to embarrass RTE -- but that's what Charlie Bird has done.

Red-faced executives have been so ridiculed over his American Year fly-on-the-wall programme that the broadcaster won't be publicising next Monday's second programme.

It has declined to give any information or photography on the follow-up.

The two-part documentary follows a reluctant Charlie Bird as he struggles with some of the expected difficulties of moving to a new country -- loneliness, insecurity and, of course, struggling to operate an office printer.

The programme was meant to portray a veteran broadcaster documenting his experiences in the political hub of the US -- but turned into more of a comedy show.


The half-a-million viewers who tuned in to watch Charlie's hilarious and breathless pursuit of US Ambassador Dan Rooney were pleased with the injection of some much-needed comedy into RTE's Monday night line-up, but will have to wait with baited breath to get their second dose.

RTE has decided not to give a sneak preview of what viewers can expect in part two, which suggests that a number of similar unchoreographed mishaps will be repeated.

Last Monday night's episode was the first of a two-part series featuring the melancholy Bird re-evaluating his decision to move to Washington DC.

"I don't know what madness possessed me to take on this job," he said. "I didn't know a soul in Washington and was facing into a whole life away from friends and family."

During the show, viewers watched as the 60-year-old whined about his coveted new post, suggesting that nobody cared about the career he spent years cultivating in Ireland.