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Catherine's Family Kitchen

RTE1, 8.30pm Simplicity is the name of the game in chef Catherine Fulvio's (below) kitchen. Tonight, she gets back to her roots and visits a vegetable garden for inspiration before creating an impromptu spread for her friend's family. They tuck in to haddock and tomato parcels and lemon mousse with strawberry swirls.


Coronation Street

UTV, TV3, 7.30pm It all comes to a head tonight for Steve as he delivers the devastating news to Becky that Tracy is pregnant with his child.

It's a shattering blow for poor Becky, who loses the plot completely and kicks Tracy out of her flat.

cops and robbers

DCI Banks

UTV, 9pm Stephen Tomkinson returns as the permanently addled DCI Alan Banks in this two-part crime drama.

The ever tenacious cop bends the rules slightly as he probes the discovery of a man's body on a canal boat following a mystery arson attack.

However, the discovery of a second victim takes the investigation in a whole new direction, involving scams in the international art world.


Comedy Showcase: Fun Police

Channel 4, 10.30pm A brash and boyish new funfest created by Matt Morgan -- Russell Brand's former writing partner.

It focuses on a well-meaning, but nonetheless useless manager of a health and safety department, who fails to motivate his equally incompetent staff to get things done.