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Raunchy scenes easy to do when you're friends with your co-stars, reveals Outlander star Caitriona


Actress Caitriona Balfe

Actress Caitriona Balfe

Actress Caitriona Balfe

IRISH star Caitriona Balfe says she finds intimate scenes easy to film because she’s such good friends with her Outlander co-stars.

Caitriona (35) plays the role of Claire Beauchamp, a nurse in WWII who is transported in time to 1743 in the critically-acclaimed series.

The former supermodel has admitted that the cast approached the love scenes with some trepidation as they involved performing very intimate scenarios.

She claims she was able to prepare for both the love scenes and the violent, difficult scenes, through choreography and careful planning.

“I think it’s because I trust my co-stars so much. I think Sam [Heughan], Tobias [Menzies] and I have just built up such great friendships that it makes it very easy when it comes to those scenes,” Caitriona said.

“As awkward and as challenging as the [love scenes] are, I think when you have people there that you trust, then it just makes them easier.”

It helps, she says, that she and Tobias Menzies, who stars in the hit series as Black Jack Randall, hang out together and have lunch in their trailers in between takes.

“But some of the scenes that we share are very challenging so just by that very nature, we’re not goofing around as much,” Caitriona said.

The Monaghan actress told Variety magazine that she feels that the actors have changed for the better over the course of season one.

“In terms of getting through this amazing undertaking of putting in so much time into the show and every day showing up and playing this really strong, very resilient character, I think it showed me how much strength and resilience I have,” Caitriona said.

“So I think, if anything, Claire’s just either brought my inner strength out or shown me that I’m maybe stronger than I thought I was previously.”