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Raunchy roles for Louise and Michele in King Arthur drama

TOP models Louise Kavanagh and Michele McGrath will get down and dirty for their new roles on the small screen -- after landing parts in new TV series Camelot.

The Herald can reveal how the Irish models have been cast as raunchy extras in two pilot episodes for the upcoming series, which will chronicle the life and times of King Arthur.

The gorgeous pair completed filming at Ardmore studios in Wicklow on Monday afternoon, just one day after jetting back from a no-expense- spared holiday to Ibiza.

Louise (22) explained how she and Michele will play two different roles in both episodes, the first as Xena the Warrior Princess-type characters and the second as flirty drunken temptresses.


"It was a really fun set to work on," she told the Herald. "We were both given two small parts. Basically on the first episode we kind of play female barbarians who are dressed up in Xena the Warrior Princess gear and we're holding swords and weapons. For the second one we play sexy, drunken ladies, who have to chat up the men.

"There are lots of fit men in the scene and they gave myself and Michele the option of picking our choice of guy to work with out of all the extras.

"It was really embarrassing as they automatically thought we fancied them then. I picked a really gorgeous Brazilian guy. He started off originally as a male model and while he was lovely, I can definitely say I didn't fancy him at all. I actually had to sit on his lap dressed in this really skimpy outfit so it was a pretty steamy scene," she laughed.

Louise, who previously worked on hit series The Tudors, went on to explain how the two shows are shaping up to be very different.

According to the leggy brunette: "I did the Tudors before, where I got to kiss Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but this is going to be a lot raunchier."