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Rapper Sov and Nicola face BB boot

Rapper Lady Sovereign and glamour model Nicola Tappenden are both up for eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.

The London-born singer -- whose real name is Louise Harman -- faces the public vote alongside Tappenden, just days after escaping the boot.

The nominations began yesterday, when mother-of-one Tappenden was called into the Diary Room to announce who she would like out of the house.

It is the second time 'Sov' has faced the public vote, while it is Tappenden's first time.

Celebrity Big Brother housemates were earlier covered with custard, fish guts and cat food as US singer Sisqo failed to complete song lyrics as part of a task. As part of the karaoke challenge, Sisqo was required to sing along to six tracks with the help of on-screen lyrics in the diary room.


However, three lyrics were missing from each song, and each time Sisqo sang the lyrics incorrectly, an alarm bell sounded and a turntable in the garden with six housemates on would stop.

Dane Bowers bore the brunt of custard and fish guts, while Sov was covered in cat food as they and Vinnie Jones, Stephanie Beacham, Alex Reid and Nicola Tappenden paid the price for Sisqo failing to complete four of the six tracks.

Sisqo was able to complete his own hit The Thong Song and Freak Me by Bowers' former boy band Another Level, but failed on Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi, 90s chart hit Saturday Night by Whigfield, Chris De Burgh ballad Lady In Red and All I Ever Wanted by fellow housemate Basshunter.

However housemates were given two hampers -- one containing luxury condiments and one with mystery contents -- as a result of Sisqo completing two songs correctly.

Meanwhile, housemates showed their increasing anger with Sov and her lack of housework. Beacham said of the north London rapper: "She's a despicable non-entity who hasn't been brought up well."

Basshunter -- real name Jonas Altberg -- said he would talk to his friend, telling housemates in the bedroom: "She'll listen to me."

Beacham replied: "You're the supply of cigarettes, so she'll listen."